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Failure to obtain and return of goods

Failure to obtain and return of goods

In refusing to receive the goods, except for the cases described below, the refusal is considered to be unfounded and the Customer due to the costs of delivery and return of goods.

In case the client is not found in time for shipment to the address or there is no access and conditions for delivery of goods in this period, be released from its obligation to deliver the stated purchase goods. The customer can confirm their willingness to receive the goods after the expiry of delivery, which was not found at the address, assuming all shipping costs. In this case, begins a new period for delivery from the time of confirmation.

The customer has the right to refuse to accept the stated purchase from him within the office of the courier company, all products must be sent to option review.

    The goods supplied do not correspond to the stated purchase by the Customer and this can be detected by an ordinary review

    Notes the lack of parts of the product

    Sent wrong goods other than ordered

    Complied with the stated color, sent a different color

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